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Sigma Tool & Machine
Quality T-Nuts, Furniture Clips and Insertion Equipment.

Sigma Tool & Machine has been manufacturing and supplying T-Nuts, T-Nut insertion equipment and furniture clips for the upholstered furniture industry for over 60 years.


Sigma introduced and patented the first 4 prong T-Nuts with the now familiar 8-sided base. which has become the standard configuration for machine driven t-nuts. 


Today Sigma manufactures T-Nuts in many variations


T-Nut insertion machines and T-Nuts are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Sigma also manufactures a number of custom made Tee Nut Machines including fully automatic, semi automatic, and robotic T-Nuting systems. These systems reduce labour costs and eliminate the need to pre-drill holes.


Sigma also manufactures and supplies clips for furniture springs

including hand-stapled clips, machine inserted clips, and wire clinching clips as well as offering a variety of machines and tools for the installation of these clips.


Every Sigma Product is manufactured with the exceptional quality that our customers have come to expect and deserve.

Sigma Tool and Machine is ISO 9001:2015 Registered

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