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Model 2598 Hopper Fed T-Nut Drive Machine


The SIGMA 2598 T-Nut Drive Machine inserts T-Nuts quickly and accurately into a wide variety of work pieces.



  • Drive T-Nuts in quickly and accurately

  • Rivet or Flare T-Nuts into place for improved holding power

  • Interchangeable components allow machine to be tailored to the application

  • Inserts up to two T-Nuts per second Heavy duty frame can be raised or lowered to suit operator

  • Dual safety system to protect operator

  • Accessible drive rod allows for fast and easy changeover when using different T-Nut sizes

  • Easily replaced complete subassemblies simplify maintenance


Flexible Drive System

The frame has been designed to accommodate different drive systems offering a range of power, speed, and noise levels.


Model 2598 Twin Track T-Nut Drive Machine


The Sigma Twin Track T-nut Machine inserts two closely spaced T-Nuts at a time into a single workpiece. The machine drives standard Sigma hopper-fed T-Nuts or can be configured to Use Sigma Rivet style T-Nuts for superior holding power.


With the optional double-spindle drill unit, the Sigma Twin Track combines drilling and T-Nuts driving into a single operation.



  • Increase efficiency with the new SIGMA Twin Track T-Nut Driver and Twin Track T-Nut Drill Drive Machine.

  • Now Insert T-Nuts as close as 3 inches apart

  • Drive or Rivet T-Nuts in Place

  • Combine drilling and driving into a single operation with optional two spindle drill unit

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