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Sigma UltraGrip T-Nuts


Precision T-Nuts Designed for Machine Insertion


Ultragrip T-Nut Features:


  • Insert T-Nuts fast and accurately with T-Nut drive Machines .

  • The patented shoulder design on Sigma T-Nuts prevents t-nuts from jamming in the track of automated T-Nut feeding equipment.

  • Long serrated prongs to increase T-Nut holding power.


Sigma UltraGrip T-Nut Options


  • Increase holding power of T-Nuts through press-fit using Step Barrel T-Nuts.

  • Torqloc T-Nut thread locking increases resistance to turn-out of bolt.

  • T-Nuts available in bulk or Collated for use in coil fed T-Nut Machines.

  • Several standard T-Nut finishes available for corrosion protection and identification purposes

Small Base T-Nuts:


Available in the following inch and metric thread


Inch Thread  8-32, 10-32, 10-24, 1/4"-20   

Metric Thread M4(.7), M5(.8), M6(1.0)



Large Base T-Nuts:

Available in the following inch and metric threads

Inch Thread 1/4"-20, 5/16"-18, 3/8"-16   

Metric Thread M6(1.0), M8(1.25), M10(1.5)


Advantages of Large Base T-Nuts



  • 1/4" and 6mm T-Nuts are available in both small and large base configurations. 

  • Long T-Nut prongs provide increased pushout resistance

  • Available with heavier gauge steel increases strength and resistance to pull through

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