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Sigma T-Nut Insertion Systems


Sigma offers range of machinery and equipment for installing t-nuts and furniture clips.


Equipment for Furniture Clips:
  • Model 1200 Manual rail clipping machine

  • Model 1201 Semi-automatic rail clipping machine

  • Model 1205 Fully automatic rail clipping machine

Standard Equipment for T-nuts


  • Model 2598 T-Nut drive machine

  • Model 6598 T-Nut rivet machine

  • Model 7510 Table-top T-Nut machine


Special Equipment for T-nuts


  • Model 1598 Drill and Drive T-Nut drive machine

  • Model 2598TT Twin Track T-Nut drive machine

  • Model 4598 Coil collated T-Nut machine

  • Model 6598R-S Rivet T-Nut machine for compression moulded components

  • Model 6598DDR Drill Drive and Rivet T-Nut machine


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