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Model 6598R-S Rivet Nut Insertion Machine


Drive and rivet T-Nuts into compression Moulded Components without Through-holes


Compression moulded wood or plastic components without through-holes typically have a thin wafer of material blocking the holes, with can become wedged into the threads with during insertion and riveting of t-nuts with a standard t-nut rivet machine.


The 6598R-S machines solves this problem by having the anvil locating pin retract while the
T-Nut is being driven into the hole, allowing the wafer of material to be ejected. Once the material is ejected, the anvil pin is driven up forcefully to rivet the t-nut into the hole.


  • Proven Sigma feed and driving system for reliable operation and easy maintenance

  • Fast cycling rate for high productivity

  • Reduces operator fatigue by using a floating locating pin

Model 6598R-S Rivet Nut Insertion Machine
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