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SIGMA Model 2098 Coil Fed T-Nut Drill and Drive Machine


The SIGMA 1598 T-nut Drill and Drive Machine combines drilling and t-nut driving into a single operation, eliminating an entire production and material handling stage.



  • Combine drilling and t-nut insertion into a single fast operation

  • Drive T-Nuts in straight and accurately

  • Coil format allows for quick changeover to different sizes of t-nuts

  • Reliable coil feed system eliminates jamming

  • Combine two or more units to create a multihead t-nut machine

  • Coil feed system offers unmatched speed and reliability

  • Powerful drill ensures fast cycle time

  • 100% Straight insertion eliminates rework

  • T-nut perfectly aligned with hole - Every Time

  • Dual safety system protects operator

  • Fast changeover and loading of T-Nuts


Also available, Sigma 1598 Hopper Fed T-Nut Drill and Drive Machine



Custom Drive Head


Coil feed drive heads can be easily customized to add T-nut insertion equipment such as  overhead routers and double-end tenoners.

Sigma Hopper Fed T-Nut Drive Machine
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